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Altar Servers

A Ministry for Youth

Altar servers are young people who volunteer to serve the parish as altar servers at the liturgies. They ensure a sacred and orderly liturgy by assisting the priest and deacon at various points during the Mass. Their role is integral to the normal celebration of the Mass.

The ministry of the Altar Server is to assist the priest in the celebration of the Mass. This is done through specific actions of the liturgy and by setting an example to the worshipping assembly through active participation in the liturgy. Altar Servers attend to all supporting tasks at the Altar such as bringing the cross, bread, wine, water, the book of prayer, etc. which are needed for use at the Mass.

Coordinator: Dn. Clarence Blalock

Altar Society

A Ministry for Women

The Altar Society is a service organization and a spirituality group of Prince of Peace Parish. It is a group of devout and dedicated women attending to the many needs of the Altar and the Sanctuary. They meet every month to pray together and discern the needs of the parish community. They raise funds to meet the needs of Liturgy and Worship, manage funeral receptions, ensure that the parish has the necessary vestments, sacred vessels, altar linens, flowers arrangements, etc. as well as support a Mission in Africa.

President: Mimi Plumb

Catholic Youth for Christ

A Ministry for Youth

The ministry of Catholic Youth for Christ is to build a community of youth deeply and personally committed to Christ in fellowship with others in prayer, study, and worship and in service to the community. CYC welcomes all youths from seventh grade to college. This ministry aims at the formation of a youth community dedicated to the ongoing formation of the Christian Youth through the Catholic spiritual tradition; offering opportunities for deepening their knowledge and experience of Jesus; encouraging the youth to become active participants of the Mass and the Sacraments and much more.

Coordinator: Angela Carney

Children's Liturgy

A Ministry for Youth

On the third Sunday of the month, children serve the Parish at the 10:00 a.m. Mass by serving the praying and worshipping assembly as Altar Servers, Ushers, Greeters, Readers and in music ministry. The ministry is open to children of the parish in grades 1-12.

Coordinator: Lollie Zapata


A Ministry for Adults

After the weekend liturgy, all offerings gathered at the Masses are counted, sorted, reported, and prepared for deposit. Counters ensure an accurate accounting of donations received and ensure that all donations made are credited to the correct family. Their ministry is vital to the orderly functioning of the parish. Theirs is a specialized ministry to which appointments are made by the pastor.

Coordinator: Maurine Smith


A Ministry for Adults

Cursillitas is a Catholic movement that offers spiritual retreats for men and women. These retreats are meant to help them grow in their faith. Those who make this retreat are invited and encouraged to facilitate this movement in their own local parish.

Coordinator: Alberto Robledo

Ethics & Integrity

Protecting Our Youth

We follow the Safe Environment Program of the Diocese of Tyler. All adult volunteers in the parish who serve in direct contact with youth are required to be certified by completing the Ethics and Integrity program. The certification involves a training course, background check, and adherence to a code of conduct. Certification lasts three years before recertification is required.

Coordinator: Linda Rossler

Faith Formation

A Ministry for Our Community

The Faith Formation Program helps children and adults to learn and grow in their faith as they develop their relationship with Jesus Christ. This knowledge of faith will eventually lead them to prepare and celebrate the Sacraments and be fully immersed into the life and mission of the Church. The program is in need of Catechists to help share the faith with the youth of our parish.

Coordinator: Sr. Bernadette

Finance Council

A Ministry for Adults

Finance Council is a representative body of the parish community, commissioned to discern the financial concerns and needs of Prince of Peace Parish. The council is a service team, dedicated to advising and assisting the pastor in discerning needs, setting priorities, preparing and managing budget, etc. toward building a stable, faith-filled, praying, worshipping and serving Catholic Community in Whitehouse, Texas.

Chairman: Lou Napolitano


A Ministry for Our Community

This is a group of men and women whose goal is to promote devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary under the title of Our Lady of Guadalupe. They lead the yearly preparation for the celebration of the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe on December 12. This preparation includes praying the rosary every day for 46 days before December 12.

Coordinator: Veronica Sanchez

Knights of Columbus

A Ministry for Men

Living according to the principles of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism, Knights work in local parishes and internationally to make the world a better place each day. There is a call deep within each man to go deeper and reach higher to become the man God made him to be. In a world full of challenges, the Knights of Columbus equips men to answer their call to lead with faith, protect their families, serve others and defend their values.

Grand Knight: Paul Fillippa

Lawn Crew

A Ministry for Our Community

The lawn crew mows, trims, and edges the lawn on the parish property. Volunteers are needed for occasional cleanup of the fence line, trimming of bushes, mulching of the gardens, fertilizing, herbicide and other general exterior cleanup and maintenance. Volunteers are needed also for regular cleanup of the flower beds.

Coordinator: Rick Downey

Music Ministry

A Ministry for Our Community

This is an important ministry of the community, especially at the Sunday liturgies. This ministry welcomes all musicians and vocalists to help lead the Parish community in songs, hymns and psalms during the weekend liturgies.

Coordinator: Angela Carney

Pastoral Council

A Ministry for Adults

Pastoral Council is a representative body of the parish community, commissioned to discern the pastoral concerns and needs of Prince of Peace Parish. The council is a service team, dedicated to advising and assisting the pastor in building a stable, faith-filled, praying, worshipping and serving Catholic Community in Whitehouse, Texas.

President: Tony Zapata

Prayer Group

A Ministry for Adults

This is a charismatic prayer group and is open to everyone. The group meets once a week to pray for the needs of the community as well as their own needs. The prayer group offers one spiritual retreat in the Parish every year to initiate new members into the Life of the Spirit. Those that make the retreat are invited to participate in follow up classes called “crecimiento” to help them mature in their faith.

Coordinator: Maria Ocampo


A Ministry for Adults

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) is a process that invites interested men and women to search, study, reflect and discover what the Catholic Church teaches, believes and practices and to experience the Catholic Spiritual traditions. It is open to the non-baptized, baptized in another faith, those who may be baptized but who have not practiced their Catholic faith regularly and those who would like to update and learn more about their faith.

Coordinator: Sr. Bernadette


A Ministry for Youth

Rite of Christian Initiation for Children (RCIC) is a process that invites children age 7 to 14 interested in searching the Catholic Faith to discover what the Catholic Church teaches and believes. It is open to un-baptized children, children baptized in another faith, and children who may be baptized but who have not practiced their Catholic faith regularly.

Coordinator: Sr. Bernadette


A Ministry for Adults

Sacristans ensure that all items necessary for the celebration of Holy Mass and Sacramental ceremonies are in place. They also care for the vestments, linens, vessels, hosts, wine, candles, holy water fonts, and furnishings in the Sanctuary. During the changes in liturgical seasons, the Sacristans also change the decor in the Sanctuary.

Coordinator: Peggy Downey


A Ministry for Our Community

Scrip is a parish fund raising program through the sales of Brookshire's, Walmart and other gift cards. The parish receives certain percentage of the sale of these cards. The income from this ministry is used to meet specific needs of the parish.

Coordinator: Uschi Granberry


Strive to be a praying, worshiping, and serving community.

Come early to Church. Prayerfully read the Scripture readings of the day. Occupy the front seats. Let us be together in worship.
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